Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miripolsky, the Tournament of Roses Parade, and . . . Clogs

The story of Andre and the clogs:

The MOC-Floyd Valley High School Marching Band of Orange City, Iowa, (pop. 6,004) was thrilled to be one of only twenty-one talented marching bands selected to be in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day. The school takes its band seriously: of the 420 enrolled students, 170 are band members!

Naturally, they were excited when they found themselves in Hollywood on the 31st of December, on one of the special bus tours set up by Red Line Tours exclusively for the visiting high school bands marching in the parade and their chaperones. Their tour also had a special guide: artist Andre Miripolsky. (Andre enjoyed leading three of these exclusive tours on Red Line Tours’ busiest weekend of the year.)

Andre quickly learned that the “Pride of the Dutchmen Band’s” signature is Dutch costumes and wooden shoes, and the group was delighted when he volunteered to decorate some clogs for them.

After the band’s successful performance in the parade, they returned home and immediately sent Andre three pair of wooden shoes: one standard pair and one pair with the roses logo from the Tournament of Roses Parade for him to decorate, and one pair for him to keep.

Here’s the result! They’ll be sent off next week. Andre looks forward to hearing from the band when they receive their unique, Miripolsky-style clogs.

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