Saturday, May 4, 2013

Monterey Historama & Urban Wave Wall

First, thanks to everyone who stopped by the studio during the Brewery Artwalk! It was a great weekend and all the participating Brewery artists appreciated your support of the arts.

Now, let's take a look back at a great project from 2011:

"The Present" - One of 4 parts of the Monterey Historama.

Painting the Urban Wave at the Museum of Monterey.

At the start of 2011, based on his enduring stained glass “L.A. Historama” mural proposal, Andre was commissioned by the Museum of Monterey to adapt this idea to create a “Monterey Historama” as a 10’x55’ mural printed on vinyl and installed in the main exhibition hall of the museum. The vision was to use relevant historical and iconic imagery from the Monterey County area, stringing the images together in a way that is both colorful and entertaining. Every image, for educational value, has a backstory going with it.

He was also asked by the museum to hand paint another mural on a 275’ long wood fence which wraps around the museum, located at Custom House Plaza. He came up with a vibrantly moving “wave” motif to celebrate the Big Sur area. CSU Monterey Bay art students and alums assisted with the painting. Andre was much honored to have this opportunity to create the largest public arts installation in Monterey County, located at one the most significant historical locations in all of California.

All of this work was done in conjunction with the reopening on June 4, 2011, of the former Monterey Maritime and History Museum as the newly-named Museum of Monterey (MoM) after it had been closed for fifteen months. The opening followed the 80th La Merienda party which celebrates Monterey's 241st birthday, sponsored by the Monterey History and Art Association.

The five-minute video below features an interview with Andre as well as a great look at these two important public art projects from 2011. See more pictures of the Urban Wave Wall on Andre's Facebook Page.

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